Use a UK Sole Representative Visa to Expand Your Business Into the UK

If you are thinking about expanding or relocating your business, London is arguably the most globalised and business friendly city in the World. Any seasoned businessman or investor will tell you then when it comes to starting a new venture, location really is key. Here are my top 10 reasons why you should think about moving your business to London.

1. Market Stability

Leading fiscal institutions predict that the combination of a thriving population, relatively low business taxes and independence from the Eurozone will allow the UK to surpass Germany and become the largest European economy by 2030. Nowhere is this market confidence demonstrated more than by the investment in tall buildings in London. There are over 250 tall buildings either under construction, with planning permission or awaiting permission set to accommodate the next generation of young professionals and the super wealthy in central London.

2. Supply Chain

Whether your business is a service provider or a manufacturer of goods, from centuries of successful experience, there aren’t many places as good as London for a business to find everything it needs at hand. Super fast connectivity or an unbeatable supply chain to design, plan, source, make and ship a product. Being in the heart of a heavily integrated global network puts you steps ahead of your competitors. The UK has established trade relationships and world-class supply networks giving domestic businesses access to every corner of the globe. The UK is currently the world’s 4th largest exporter of finished goods, commodities and services as well as the 4th largest importer.

3. Record low business Tax

From the introduction of the new Conservative UK Government and the release of the new pro business budget, Corporation Tax on UK Businesses is the lowest amongst G7 and G20 countries at just 20%, to be reduced to 18% by 2020. Furthermore, as a green light for innovation and to boost the UK’s knowledge economy there are further tax cuts for the development of Intellectual Property and those investing in research and development.

4. Access to Talent

Access to talent is the most important motivator for businesses to move and can be the biggest issues limiting a business’s growth. Small to medium-sized businesses are usually located where business owners happen to live and not where the optimal workforce may be found. Where talent is in short supply, labour costs will rise. With this in mind, the UK has the highest proportion of higher-education graduates in Western Europe. Businesses that come to the UK have access to one of the World’s most talented resident labour markets and brightest graduates.

5. Popular Culture

If you need to sense which way the wind is blowing, nowhere in the World has such a fresh breeze and I’m not referring to the prevailing weather system. If you and your business rely on being up to date with fashions or current affairs, to capture new trends and exploit opening markets and technologies, then the UK is the right place to be. And, with everything around you to quickly adjust to a dynamic business environment.

6. A guaranteed level playing field

Small or expanding businesses can be particularly vulnerable to subtle market obstacles created by more established competitors. United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime regularly produce comparative global stats on crime and corruption and consistently place England, Wales and Scotland at the bottom of countries facing criminal activity such as fraud, bribery and corruption. In accordance with being a business friendly environment, the UK have set up multiple anti corruption bodies and legislative laws to minimise fraud, bribery and corruption through transparent reporting processes and working closing with those who suspect they have been unduly commercially disadvantaged.

7. Digital Telecommunications

The UK Government has committed to funding the further expansion of super fast broadband coverage beyond the major commercial programmes. From a recent independent survey by an independent body, London and nearly all of Britain has the best super-fast broadband in Europe, overtaking Germany and set to make the UK a leading competitor well into the digital information age.

8. Transport Infrastructure

London is at the heart of a relatively large, heavily integrated transport system by road rail and air supported by the most established shipping facility in the World. London has an international hub airport and has the largest air transport system in Europe. London also has on going rail infrastructure investments interconnecting London to other parts of the UK and Europe with an emphasise on constantly improving efficiency and reducing time and cost.

9. Time and Place

London, or more accurately Greenwich, quite literally is at the centre of the known World. Britain’s geographic location makes is possible to trade with Asia over breakfast and the Americas by afternoon tea. Stirling, the currency of Britain, is the World’s oldest currency still in use and the English Language is the UK’s greatest and most enduring export, also the World’s main business language.

10. London and the UK’s Soft Power and Global Influence

The UK is ranked third globally for ‘soft power’ which is to says its ability to influence and persuade other inhabitants of planet Earth without the need for ‘hard power’ (bullets and aircraft carriers). The UK has far-reaching friendly influence based on reputation, culture, creativity, business and political prowess. This advantage also extends to businesses within the UK that can be empowered to shape outcomes and make deals beyond usual boundary limitations. The UK has more membership to international bodies than any other country on the planted, here are a few: the Commonwealth of Nations, the European Union, the G7, the G8, the G20 the International Monetary Fund, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, the World Bank, the World Trade Organisation, the United Nations, the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. Ultimately if you want to punch above your weight, British companies are empowered to make deals that can free your business to expand globally.

Be part of London’s on-going growth into a new information era and bring your Business to London. There are a number of pro business initiatives that have been set up to aid businessmen, investors and entrepreneurs wishing to see what life is like in London and the UK.